i'm not sick, but i'm not well.

Hi, I'm Chris. I sing and play bass in the punk rock group Failure By Design. I'm a diehard fan of pizza, Baltimore sports, and The Rock.
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i found this picture of leonardo dicaprio


so i just




im sorry.


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Every time Bob Belcher says “oh my god”

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Mark Hoppus: I’m blink-182 For Life



We posted an article this week with the opinion that blink-182 should go an indefinite hiatus again if the band couldn’t put passion over consequence. The piece has made its way around the blinkernet with all sorts of feedback ranging from those who agree to those who would like Zack to kill himself. 

It looks like Mark Hoppus has read the article, or at the very least has received personal questions about it. Hoppus stated to fans that he is blink-182 for life, and that the band won’t go on hiatus again if he has anything to say about it. Read our original piece here and check out a tweets from Hoppus below after the jump.

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